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Real-Time Lead Sync to your Salesforce CRM
Effortlessly sync captured leads directly to your Salesforce CRM. As soon as a lead is captured, it is automatically transferred to Salesforce. Automate your lead generation with our AI-powered chatbot platform and never miss a potential customer.
Transfer AI Conversation to Operator - Crisp Chat
Transfer AI conversations to human support in Crisp Chat when the chatbot can't answer or upon user request, ensuring seamless support with automatic assignment, availability checks, and user notifications.
Real Estate Lead Automation with Zapier
Trigger your Zapier automations directly from your AI Chatbot. Use this template to get started in minutes.
Connect Your Shopify Store with an AI Chatbot
Connect your Shopify store to your AI Chatbot for dynamic responses like product recommendations, order tracking, and refunds. Simply import this template and take your Shopify store to next level!
AI Agent with Ticketing Platforms - Integrate on Zendesk, Freshdesk, ZohoDesk
Explore the seamless integration of AI agents with leading ticketing platforms such as Zendesk, Freshdesk, and ZohoDesk, enhancing support efficiency and user experience.