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Introducing Chatbot Studio

Design Conversation Flows with ease.

Take your chatbot beyond traditional boundaries with ChatBot Studio. Design dynamic flows to make your chatbot smarter and more responsive.

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Chatbot Studio

Extend your Bot's abilities beyond providing simple answers.

Create Intent based dynamic flows to enhance your Chatbot.

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Get Started in few easy steps

Start with our pre-built templates, create flows, test in real-time and easily publish.

Quick start with desired Template

Choose from our pre-built templates. We have some pre-build flows for different businesses to get you started in minutes.

Pre-build Templates

Create Flows
Define Intents & Create Flows

Define your intents and create flows with our easy to use drag and drop interface. For example if a user want to book a appointment, you can define the intent as 'Book Appointment' and create a flow for it.

Test in Emulator
Test in Real-time

Test your flow with built-in emulator. You can test your flow in real-time and see how it will look in real world. After testing you can publish it to your website or any other platform.


Feature rich tools

Wide collection of tools and features
Explore Chatbot Studio guides

Learn how to build flows, add nodes, and connect them to create a conversational flow for your chatbot.

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