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Built for easily building LLM Apps.

Simple Easy Steps


Create workspace & configure LLMs

Whether you're building AI chatbots, virtual assistants, or other intelligent applications, set up your workspace effortlessly by integrating GPT-powered language models with your provider keys for unparalleled performance.


Import built-in templates or create from scratch

Accelerate the creation of your diverse AI applications using LLM Spark's GPT-driven templates or craft unique projects from the ground up.


Upload your datasets

Enhance your AI App's capabilities by seamlessly uploading datasets into LLM Spark.


Test, Compare & Deploy

Ensure AI success with LLM Spark's advanced playground. Compare GPT results, iterate, and deploy intelligent AI Apps.

Feature Spotlight

Dive into LLM Spark's Exceptional Features for a Transformative AI Experience.

Multi LLM Prompt Testing

Test & compare multiple models simultaneously for optimal performance across multiple scenarios.

Version Control

Save Prompts versions and history effortlessly while streamlined development.

Team Collaboration

Invite members to your workspace and collaborate on projects with ease.

Semantic search

Semantic Search for powerful search capabilities to find documents based on meaning, not just keywords.


Deploy trained propmpts effortlessly, making AI applications accessible across platforms.

Logs & Analytics

Analyze AI model performance with comprehensive logs and analytics for continuous improvement.

Connect External Data to LLM

Integrate external datasets seamlessly, enriching AI applications with diverse information sources.

Template Directory

Use in-built templates to accelerate the creation of AI applications,or create unique projects from scratch

Securing Your Trust
GDPR Compliant - Your Data Security is Our Top Priority

In line with our commitment to customer trust and data privacy, we've established protocols for GDPR compliance, adhering to its core principles, encompassing data subject rights, protection addendum, retention, deletion, and pseudonymization.


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Uncover the limitless possibilities that LLM Spark offers

Support Assistant
Analyse Lead
Spam Email Detection
Q&A over Docs
LLM Monitoring
Document Analyses
Semantic Search
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Unlock the full potential of production-grade LLM apps with our development platform.