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Why choose YourGPT Chatbot over CustomGPT?

Why choose YourGPT Chatbot over CustomGPT ?
multi channel support

Multi-channel support

Unlike CustomGPT, which is restricted to website chatbots, YourGPT Chatbot expands its reach across multiple platforms like Discord, Slack, Line and many more. This multi-channel support ensures wider accessibility and engagement for your users, meeting them where they are most comfortable.

Wide Training Support

YourGPT Chatbot support a broader range of training sources than CustomGPT . You can train your bot using various formats, including text, files, URLs, YouTube videos, or even your Notion documents, providing you with more flexibility and easy training

wide training support

YourGPT Chatbot Offers a
Free Trial

With YourGPT, you get the benefit of a free trial, enabling you to fully explore its capabilities and make an informed decision. Sadly, CustomGPT falls short here, depriving users of this valuable opportunity to test the waters.

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$$ 😐

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